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Steven Lewis Weiner


Steven Lewis Weiner is the proud Founder and President of Invention Xpress, a company dedicated to helping people turn their ideas into products and companies.

A skilled entrepreneur and inventor himself, Steven Lewis Weiner understands the difficulties that come with starting a business and developing a product. Weiner first began his entrepreneurial journey over 25 years ago, with what started out as a mere idea. Eventually, Steven designed, developed, manufactured and marketed a product called Lottery Locker which was sold in 19 states and over 1,900 outlets including Macy’s and Bloomingdales. Through aggressive marketing including press releases, trunk shows, exhibits, and television interviews, Steven Lewis Weiner eventually received an offer from the manufacturer to license the product and the manufacturer continued to sell the product nationwide successfully. Through that experience, Steven Lewis Weiner learned the difficulty surrounding product development and wanted to make that process more manageable for inventors and entrepreneurs moving forward.

In 2018, Steven Lewis Weiner launched, Invention Xpress in his efforts to help individuals turn their dreams into a reality. Thoroughly skilled and knowledgeable about the process, Steven Lewis Wiener and the Invention Xpress team are experts in idea refinement, product development, sales, and marketing. Should Steven and his team think your idea is viable and has a great marketability potential, they will assist you in setting up actual patents, designs, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of your idea.

Through Invention Xpress, Steven Lewis Weiner helps aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs create their own actual company where they can be the President or CEO of their own company. Steven takes great pride in supporting other entrepreneurs and strives for far greater profitability for both them and their families.

Outside of Invention Xpress, Steven Lewis Weiner is also the Founder and President of Banner Stakes, a leading safety and hazard communication company. Known for its quality and dependability, Banner Stakes is the leader in portable safety barricades.

Today Steven Lewis Weiner dedicates his time to expanding both his companies. A natural innovator, Weiner is constantly coming up with new concepts and product ideas. To keep up with the latest from Steven Lewis Weiner, connect on LinkedIn or check out his blog!

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